About Us

Our Mission

To give God the glory for all He has done
Remembering the Victory He already won.
Let us cease to restrict ourselves
and limit Gods infinite power.
To our comfortable circumstances
Inside of our boat where we cower.
Refuse to remain confined.
God works in abundance,
and His LOVE is forever benign.
Will you be like Peter and get out of your boat?
                                                   - Matthew 14:22-36
       ~ Janice Jackson, Founder and CEO

The Vision

The vision of Get Out The Boat (G.O.T.B.) was birthed from an incredible depiction in the bible where Jesus, Savior of mankind, walks on water in the midst of a terrible storm on the lake. This story highlights a disciple named Peter who sees Jesus walking on water and is inquisitive enough to try something that requires two things a choice and  faith ( Matthew 14:22-36). through the revelation of this phenomenal event, G.O.T,B. was born. It is a phrase that is intended to inject motivation into the veins of anyone with a vision, goal, or dream that may be discouraged, disheartened, or distracted from what they  wish to accomplish. Choosing to move away from our source of comfort that holds us back in so many ways, requires one step out of the boat and into faith.

This inspiration behind the  phrase came from a still small voice.....

Early one morning while I was submerged in a  6am  prayer posture at a Women's Retreat. The vision was shown to me the same artistic way as the logo is printed; green boat with the graffiti wall and all. The thing is I wasn’t at that 6am prayer to ask God for anything. Honestly, I went to respectfully spend time with my Lord and Savior and to ask the question “How can I serve you Lord?”  Before I was able to get myself up off the floor, God had deposited my next mission for His glory inside of me. I had no idea what to do or where to start. All I knew was to wait on the Lord to tell me what He wanted me to do. After all, as a soldier for The Most High, one must remain on standby until God is ready to use you like only He can. 


The Motivation

This phenomenal vision was deposited into a divorced 36 year old African American woman with 4 children. God proved to me with this that He is not respecter of person. With my hands already full with what I thought was important for a successful future, God gracefully hurt my feelings and built me up with better suited options for where He wanted to take me. The act of being humble is something that I know from past experiences with God. 

 I have spent many years with a desire to do more and with the attitude that wherever I was at the time couldn’t possible be “it”.  That place may have been a goal that I achieved but I definitely wasn’t settled and satisfied with just staying there. I have been through many valleys in my life like everyone. One of the obstacles that kept me in the valley paddling my own boat was the aftermath of a failed marriage, losing custody of 2 of my children, and an addiction to alcohol and nicotine. It took me through some depressive states and many fists filled with tears. I can say that I have literally felt every emotion known to man when it comes to losing my children.  It tormented me every day knowing that I was seen as a woman  incapable of taking care of them in the courts eyes. I knew after that day in court that I was defeated, beat for the last time by the person who physically, mentally, and emotionally abused me for many years. It wasn’t over when I left that marriage. It was so much work to be done to tear down the thoughts that were formed in my brain, the memories, the heartache. I had to allow God to have full control over everything inside of me that I was holding onto from the past that I left behind, including my children. I had to truly give myself away to God and allow him to build me  up the way He wanted me to be from the inside out. To accomplish this, I had to get out of my own boat. It's been a journey striding with God consistently after so much disappointment. But as God always does, He showed up in my boat and gave me a choice. He asked me a simple question that ignited a torch that continues to burn in my spirit today. A simple question was asked,  “WHICH SIDE ARE YOU ON?” I had to first make a choice, then step out on faith.